Getting There

March 25th, 2010

Ended up being a bit crazy at work so indtesad of hopeing to leave by noon but in worse case scenario having to stay until 3 it was 4:15 by the time I left work.  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, arghh. Gabe had the same problems at his job. I barely had time to get home, run to the bank to deposit the Gilbert & Sullivan money that I forgot to take to the bank yesterday when getting traveler’s checks, passing by the pharmacy to stock up on  drugs then head back to finish packing.

Had hoped to leave the apartment by 5 in order to get to the airport by 6 but didn’t leave until 5:50. Luckily had a good taxi driver who bypassed the worse of the rush hour traffic and got to the airport by 6:20.

Uneventful checkin and flight to Vancouver. Watched the second half of The Blind Side, last week I saw the first half on the flight to Austin then followed that up with Up in the Air. Now a three hour wait in Vancouver Airport and they have free wifi! We found a plug  and both started catching up on  wrok emails and such. Vacation will start soon, I swear….


March 24th, 2010

For the 22 days we will be in Thailand there is a loose itinerary. The first part of the trip is dictated by the wedding. we arrive in Bangkok around noontime. Fraser and Beverley should already be there. The rest of the gang from England are arriving on Saturday morning. There are also Canadian relatives arriving over the weekend and other family friends. The plan is to spend the weekend in Bangkok then head down to Ko Tao on Monday night. I have been told that there will be abut 30 people on the overnight train, that should make for a party!

After a two hour  ferry ride ride from Champron tout le gang will assemble at the resort where the wedding festivities will be, the View Point Resort.  Ceilidh arranged everything for the wedding there. and got us discounts on the lodging. Hillside bungalows at about $24 a night. After two days of mayhem followed by the wedding on 1 April and a day of recovery on 2 April everyone will shift over to the resort that Ceilidh is working, the Nangyuan Island Dive Resort, located on an island just off the Northwest corner of Ko Tao. We will spend a few days there diving. Gabe has his open water qualification and will do the advanced course. I have the scuba qualification, which is halfway to an open water certificate,  that I did 6 years ago when in the Canary Islands with Fraser, Beverley and Ceilidh. I will do a two day course with two tests and two dives to complete the open water.

After that we’ll have about 12-13 days left in Thailand. The rough plan at the moment is to head over to Krabi, specifically West Railey Beach, so that Gabe can indulge in rock climbing and I can do some snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or just plain sitting on a beach sucking back a beer. After 5-6 days of that we will head back to Bangkok then spend the last 5-6 days in Siem Reap, Cambodia visiting the Angkor Wat temple complex.

The last bit is not written in stone. We may or may not make it to Angkor Wat. If we are enjoying ourselfs down south we may just stay there. Maybe will will hook up with some of the other people at the wedding and follow them to where they are going.  After the structure set up in the first 8-9 days I figured it was best just to keep it as loose as possible and just see where our fancy takes us.

Map of Thailand

Map of our travels

Hello world!

March 23rd, 2010

Setting up this blog as quickie to document the travels of myself and my nephew Gabriel as we traipse across Thailand and maybe Cambodia in March and April 2010.