It’s been a long time since I’ve used mcmullenweb for the blog. With the advent of Facebook most of my friends already know what’s going on in my life so there is less a need for a blog nowadays. However, the Facebook format is limited. The status updates fall somewhere between the 140 character limit of Twitter to the you could write a book capabilities of a blog. For my everyday activities I no longer have need to need to use it but it sure comes in handy as a diary for larger adventures.

I am about to partake in one of these larger adventures.  On December 7th I will be flying down to North Carolina to hook up with a 46′ Morgan sailboat and help crew as it makes a late season run through the Atlantic to the British Virgin Islands. If all works out weel timing wise and weather wise I will be back in Montreal a few days before Christmas.

I won’t go into details at this point, I’ll fill those in as the time to depart comes closer.  Over the next week and a half I’ll chronicle my preparations and arrangements for this trip.


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