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Finding Nemo

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Found Nemo….

Spent the last few days in Ao Nang in the Krabi. Decided to splurge a bit and am staying at a small resort where I have the pool side bungalow. It is costing all of about $80/night.

Did two days of diving in the area, three dives yesterday at an area near Koh Phi Phi island. The first was the wreck of a car/passenger catamaran ferry that sunk about 13 years ago, the other two sites were reefs. Great stuff to see in cluding a couple of clown fish frolicking in the amenome.


Thailand Update

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about no updates, not always reliable internet connections. I will be posting stuff in the next couple of days to catch everyone up with my travels.

Just wanted all to know I am in the south of Thailand, far removed from Bangkok and the insanity happening there. I don’t return to Bangkok until Friday, five days from now. By then things should be calmed down a bit. My nephew on the other hand was enroute from Angkor Wat to Krabi and was passing through Bangkok was right in the middle of it all as it spilled into the Khao San Road area. That is where the hotel is that we stayed when we arrived in Bangkok and will stay at on Friday night. The rest of the gang are also at that hotel this weekend.

Anyway, Gabe is like an insect who is attracted to a light so no doubt when things started to go south yesterday he headedc in the wrong direction. People beside him were shot. He took photos of the bullet holes in cars, buildings and such. He is supposed to meet me in Krabi tomorrow (Monday) morning but apparently it’s a mad house trying to get out of Bangkok tonight.

So, until the rest of the postings here are the links to where I posted some photos and videos on Facebook (all have access to the photos):

Thailand first couple of days:

Fun dive number 1 Ko Tao:

Night Dive Ko Tao: